The act of serving others is one of the most important tasks we can do in this life.

Too few step up to accept this awesome responsibility to make the world brighter, one soul at a time.  SOS can only reach our full potential to live up to our name when good folks like you, our members, and their families offer their talent and  time to work at our service projects. By clicking on the Volunteer Spot link to the under the chapter you or your member belong to, you will be able to chose from an array of volunteer opportunities that help our members speak the language of empathy and provide the necessary manpower to make our events the successful endeavors that so many expect from SOS events.

All events will be posted through Flextime for FR SOS students either as just a:

  • 6th grade SOS member population (event just for 6th grade SOS)
  • 7th grade SOS member population (event just for 7th grade SOS)
  • 8th grade SOS member population (event just for 8th grade SOS)
  • All SOS members (Grade 6 – Grade 8)

Please check flextime after FR SOS sends out Remind texts about upcoming events for entire club or specific grades.