• SOS is excited to announce we will be starting 2 new chapters at O’Block Jr. High in Plum and St. Bernadette’s Youth Group.  This will provide SOS with 3 chapters to serve the needy in Murrysville, Plum, and Monroeville, and will hopefully allow our resources to grow to serve more while we train more servant-leaders for the 21st century.
  • This website will be addind additional info about the chapters over the next few weeks, and soon each chapter will have their own sub-page within our SOS website.
  • Flyer on Thanksgiving Food Drive will go home on Friday, Oct. 27th, 2017.  The food drive begins on Monday, Oct 30th and runs for 3 weeks ending on Friday, Nov. 17th. Assembly of the Thanksgiving meals will take place on Sunday Nov. 19th (St. B) and Monday, Nov. 20th (Plum and FR).  Meals can be picked up at O’block Jr. High and FRMS on Tuesday, Nov. 21st and Wednesday, Nov. 22nd.  Any homebound meals will be distributed  by SOS representatives on the afternoon and evening of Tuesday, 21st.

Click the link below to view the items collected and details of the food drive.

SOS Thanksgiving Food Drive Info and Donation Sheet