Homeless Clothing Drive Giveaway at area Homeless Shelter Information:

  • All SOS members or friends in grades 6 through 12 attending Homeless Shelter Trip need to have a signed permission slip turned in by the time buses pull out at 7 AM.
    • Click here for copy of permission slip to attend this Homeless Shelter Trip

    • Homeless Shelter Giveaway  Bus Sign Ups

      • https://signup.com/Group/1254315732083/
        • This is the FR SOS Signup page, but any SOS members from all 3 chapters can attend.  The sign up for buses from this link is for FR students (Feb 13 & 20) and MPH Catholic SOS students (Feb 27) since it will be a field trip leaving from Franklin Regional Middle School.  If you are are a Plum SOS member, you can follow our buses to the shelter or meet us at the shelter.
        • Choose Bus Signup for Homeless Shelter Event and select number of seats that you are reserving and make sure you choose the seats on the correct bus.    (SOS members can save up to 3 seats for themselves and 2 family members)
  • All patrons visiting Smithfield Church Homeless Shelter meet at FR Middle School parking lot at 5:45 PM on all three dates of Feb 13, 20, and 27. Buses leave at 6 PM sharp for Smithfield Chruch homeless shelter.
  • SOS will send one bus and one van filled with the donations and materials needed to set up a store front inside Smithfield Church of Christ Homeless Shelter.  The box trucks and buses will arrive at the shelter listed below by 6:30-6:45 PM.
    • Smithfield Church of Christ Homeless Shelter
      •  620 Smithfield St, Pittsburgh, PA 15222
  • SOS members and parents either driving in cars to save SOS funds or on the bus if SOS ordered a bus will arrive at the shelter by 6:30ish PM.  If driving cars, parents will park their cars in parking garage across the street from the shelter.  We will unpack van and set up store front by using tables and coat racks to set up shopping area inside shelter by 7:30 PM.  The Homeless of the shelter will start shopping by 7:30 until 8:30 PM.  SOS members and parents will pack up remaining items that could not be donated to either the homeless individuals or the homeless shelter back in the box truck by 9 PM.  Bus and truck leaves site at 9 PM and returns back to Franklin Regional Middle School by 9:30ish PM.
  • All sign ups for this Homeless Clothing Drive event must adhere to the following stipulations:
  • All children under age of 18 attending event must print and turn in permission slip for this event or they will not be allowed on the bus on the morning of the trip.  Here is the link for the permission slips:
  • Address for Smithfield Church of Christ Homeless Shelter
    • 620 Smithfield St, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

5.) SOS can not guarantee the number of homeless that will be present at this event.  SOS asks all families to be open to whatever happens at these shelters as an opportunity to teach our members charity and empathy.